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January 26, 2013
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You were a vampire, but a lonely vampire. You sought attention, love and affection, which was something you could gain easily, but not the kind that you sought. The attention and love you sought was the real, genuine one. Not the hexed and created one.

You had lived for several centuries, forever trapped in the body of a 21 year old, but those centuries were empty and lonely. You wanted and longed for a mate, someone who loved you for you, and someone who understood you. But that was something you thought by now you would never get.

The one who turned was long gone, and you did not know of any other nearby vampires. The only ones you knew of lived far away and were not the type you yearned for. They were arrogant, thought only of themselves and saw others as slaves.

You wanted compassion and love. You wanted to be looked upon as an equal, not a slave. You were more than a simple piece of meat to be fought over. You had feelings and emotions, you weren't a stone or any other inanimate object to be owned like a toy.

However it seemed that most vampires didn't think much of you, and left you alone. No one ever seemed to care about you even in the slightest, and it left you feeling more than a little empty and hollow. Your heart ached for someone to make you feel warm and loved, but no one like that ever seemed to appear.

Then one day – a pleasant day at dusk in the forest – you saw him. The one your heart decided would be the one to truly love you. Even if he didn't love you now, in time you were certain that he would.

He was a young, handsome Italian, with dark auburn hair with a weird stuck out curl, tanned and sun kissed skin, and blazing amber eyes which reminded you of a clear and warm autumn's day.

He was simply walking by just outside of the forest, and he seemed to be upset about something because he kept yelling and screaming out profanities to thin air, as if it had ears to listen with, but you only smiled at this, because you still thought he was the one.

There was this certain click and nagging feeling in your heart that made the usually stone-cold muscle fill with warmth and security. So you followed your emotions and started to sing, in the hopes of capturing him.

Come to me Children
And follow my way
Into the World
Of Darkness and Magic
With all my Power
I'll show you the way
To all your Dreams
Hopes And Illusions

You sang out all your affection and soothing emotions and put them into your song so as to let them affect the young man. First you saw him freeze and stop his yelling, then look around, and then finally he seemed to relax, which was a sign your song had an effect. So you simple continued on.

Come to me Children
And follow my way
Into the World
Of Darkness and Magic
With all my Power
I'll show you the way
To all your Dreams
Hopes And Illusions

When your smooth and heavenly voice reached the unsuspecting Italian, he stiffened and stopped yelling, then he started looking around for the source of the sound. Soon though, his conscious mind started fogging over, until it finally diminished completely, leaving his mind as a complete blank. His eyes glazed over and became dull, and his body involuntarily relaxed.

When he heard the song again, he didn't hear the words the voice sung, instead he heard other words being spoken directly into his unresponsive and foggy mind.

Come to me,
come here.
I mean no harm,
I only want what is best for you.
Come here.
You are mine,

His mind was still not there but his body moved anyway. Towards the voice calling out to him, to the loving voice that yearned for him, and made him yearn for the person to whom that enchanting voice belonged to.

When he made it to you, you swiftly brought him in your secure, prism arms and continued to sing endearingly to him while you prepared to whisk the attractive young man away.

Your song was carried by the wind to him and continued to hex his mind, making the young man's thoughts drift far away from his reach, disabling him from connecting thoughts and his mind melt. This in turn made him very susceptible to your alluring voice and words.

My love for you is eternal,
and so are yours for me.
I shall be all of your world,
I shall be your everything.
Nothing else shall  matter,
only me.

He looked at you, his eyes were dull and glazed over, but he still looked at you like you were a deity, like you truly were his everything, and nothing else mattered but you. There was nothing else in the world but you. Everything was revolving around you.

You cradled him in your arms affectionately before the winds took you both away to your domain. Your song lingered in the air and echoed throughout the forest like a comforting hymn.

'Here you shall forever remain.' you thought. 'Here, forever with me. This is your new home.'

These thoughts were also implanted into his mind through your song as you showed him your castle, and for the first time you heard him speak without yelling.

... I-a will be here-a forever... with-a you...” he said in a distant – almost dreamy-like – tone.

Oh, you fell in love with his voice and accent immediately. Now you really wanted him, but you could only truly have him if he did fall in love with you. Oh, how you wished for that to happen, alas you knew that the possibility for that to happen was very slim indeed.

You decided you would treat him with utmost care and respect, but at the same time shower him with love and affection – the same kind you've always wanted yourself, and the same kind you had a habit of giving to those you thought would return your affection, but never did.

This time, however, you felt certain he would be the one to end your curse which had been placed upon you. All he needed was time, and time was something you had more than plenty of. The eternity was his to take if he wanted it.

You led him into your castle all while your song could be heard echoing through the empty castle at your will to keep the young man in his foggy state.

“Pray, do not fret, my dear. You shall be treated well, and I believe you shall find my humble abode to your liking.” you cooed in a soothing voice in his ear.
He nodded his head mindlessly in agreement.
... I-a will...” he said with that same distant – yet dreamily – tone that indicated that he was still affected by your song.

You wished you could have done this differently, but considering the fact that humans and vampires never got along you couldn't take the risk that he would run away, if you had. You didn't want to be alone anymore.

You glanced at the young man and saw that he was in more than submissive state, and deemed him to be completely under your trance, so you ceased the echo of your song in the castle.

“Now, my dear. May I inquire of the honor of knowing your name?” you asked kindly.
“Romano... Vargas...”
“Thank you, Romano. That is truly a delightful name.”

He nodded slowly with a small smile adorning his lips and decorating his smooth face. “Grazie...” he mumbled, his mind still trapped.

You led him to a a big, empty room and let him in. The room was grandly decorated. It looked like it was taken out of a painting of a royal's room from the late 16's, with a high ceiling and vast space.

The floor was dark and made of dark wood. It was it was covered by a large soft, royal red carpet, and in the ceiling hung a big, silver chandelier. The room also had a large fireplace with two elegant and comfortable recliners in front of it, which would give off a warm and friendly atmosphere to the room once it was lit.

On the walls hung several beautiful paintings of various motives, all of them were in thick golden frames, and by the large windows hung thick, deep red velvet curtains that reached all the way down to the floor.

In the middle of the room was a king sized, fluffy and exquisite canopy bed, with fresh and clean covers and sheets. The bedspread was made of soft, deep red velvet. Same red as on the curtains by the windows.

“This room shall serve as your quarters henceforth, my dear Romano. I do you hope you will find it to your liking.” you said before gracefully slid down to sit on the bed. You looked at him and made a hand motion for him to come over as you gently patted the spot next to you on the giant bed.
“Come, set by me.” you said.

Romano quickly did as he was told and sat down next to you. You smiled softly to him and held him close to you – your cold skin didn't seem faze him one bit. His eyelids seemed to grow heavy, his eyes were now only half open, and that was a sign that your spell was settling on his mind.

You gently laid him down on the bed and started stroking his head and playing with his hair.
“Pray, I shall not be affronted. Sleep, my sweet Romano. I do see that you are tired, it is nothing to fret about.” you whispered to him.

His eyes closed completely, his breathing evened out and became deeper as he fell asleep. You continued to play with his hair, and caressed his cheek.

'I am so relieved to have found you, Romano Vargas. You will be mine, and we shall be together forever.'

You leant down and placed light kiss on his neck, over his jugular vein. You moved down a bit before you placed a light nibble on his throat to mark him as yours, so no one else would claim him. You then lifted yourself from his neck and started caressing him and playing with his hair again.

“Yes, happily together forever.”
I know you guys are waiting for the next parts of my other series, and I'm sorry,
But I just couldn't keep this un-uploaded so please bear with me ^^'

I hope you guys like it ^^

Romano: You fucking bastard! You fucking brainwashed me!
Me: No, I didn't brainwash you. I hypnotized you, it's not the same thing.
Romano: Shut up! Whatever the hell you did you fucking made me go brain dead!
Me: Stop bitching, Romano! That's just how the plot goes!
Romano: I'm not BITCHING!!
Me: Then stop PMS:ing!
Romano: I'm not a damn ragazza!
Me: You sure are acting like one.

Feedback is always appreciated XD
no likey, no commento.

Mini translation:
affronted - (to be) insulted
set - sit (changed 'with' to 'by' cus i thought it flowed better.)
henceforth - from now on

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Part 15 [FINAL]

*EDIT*… Here's a little something for all of those who's faved my work~~ ^^

*EDIT 2*: I made some adjustment to my descriptions in the story to make them lengthier and more filled out, to this story seem less shallow as I felt it was before. I also put in some older English words to get the reader more into the 'elder vampire' role.


I don't own Romano, he belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
I don't own the picture, I found it on
I don't own the song, it belongs to DHT and is called Magic Melody
I don't own you
However I do own the story
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