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February 3, 2013
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Romano woke up a few hours later, with his mind clear and no more fog clouding it, but he was still very groggy. He opened his eyes and looked around.  He sat up to get a better view of where he was and found that he was in an unfamiliar, but grand, and dark room. Where was he? How did he get there? And why was there a slight stinging pain in his neck? He had no clue whatsoever.

“I do see that you have awoken, my dear Romano.”

Romano whipped his head around, startled, until his gaze settled on a beautiful young woman in her early 20's sitting across the room in one of the large recliners in front of a lit fireplace.

She had pale skin, glistening, deep [e/c] pools for eyes – that shone like gems and reeled you in like a fish – and luscious [h/l] [h/c] that shone beautifully in the warm light of the lit fireplace. Her face was a carving of perfection and so was her body. She wore a beautiful long [f/c] gown that reached to her ankles and on her feet were a pair of black low heels.

“Who are-a you? Where-a the hell am I? How did I-a get here? And why do-a you know my-a name?!”
“So many questions. Ah, to which shall I address first?” she noted in a teasingly fashion, and Romano took note of that she spoke in a slightly old-fashioned and very proper manner.
“Just-a answer me, woman!” he yelled.
“Such language to a lady.” She chastised and clicked her tongue, then left the recliner and came up to the bed where Romano was. She sat down on the bed next to him and put her hand on his, which was surprisingly cold.

“My name is [Name] [Last Name]. This is my abode and this room...” She made a sweeping hand motion over the room. “are your quarters, Romano. As far as to how you came to be here and how I have knowledge of your name. I brought you here, you came willingly, can you not recall? And you honored me the knowledge of your name yourself.” she said with a gentle smile.

“Like hell I-a would just follow some-a random woman!” Romano spat.
“You wound and sadden me, Romano.” the woman said. “I simply wish to know you better, that is all. I would see to treat you well and with utter respect too.”
“And how do I-a know you're-a not some weird creep?!”

She sighed. “I can promise you that I shall do nothing to do you harm, however it shall not make any difference if you do not believe my vow.” She removed her cold hand from Romano's. “Hence, I shall give you the leisure of leaving my home without giving me a chance, or to remain here with me and come to know me. It is your decision.”

He looked at her incredulously. Would she really just let him walk out, just like that? After having, apparently, kidnapped him off the street, she was willing to let him go just like that?

“I do see that you doubt my words, alas I promise you, I shall not hinder you shall you desire to leave.” the woman reassured him with a sad smile while she looked him in the eyes.

He met her gaze a bit cautiously, but he didn't see anything but sincerity and deep loneliness in her eyes. He recognized that loneliness in himself as well, and knew that this woman had gone through the same thing he had. She had watched years go by with no one by her side to care for her.

At this realization, he felt he didn't want to leave. He wanted to get to know this woman better. But before he could say anything, the woman stood up from the bed and moved towards the door.

“I shall not place no more burden on you this evening. I shall take my leave.” she said in a sad tone and prepared to leave the room.
ASPETTA [WAIT]!” Romano yelled out to her. The female turned back to him with questioning eyes. “I'll-a stay.” he said. She looked genuinely surprised. “I'll-a stay here with-a you. I want to-a get to know-a you.” he continued.

Then a warm smile made its way across her face, lighting up entire face. She went back to him and knelt down by the bedside. She took his hand in hers and locked eyes with him again.

“Do you speak truthfully?”

She pushed herself up and pressed a light kiss in his hair, which made him blush heavily. “I am relieved.” she whispered softly.


Weeks went by and Romano held true to his word and stayed with [Name], as did [Name] with her promise to take good care of him. She offered him delicious food, was gentle with him and treated him with kindness and respect. They talked about each other (but it was mostly Romano ranting on about how everyone preferred his younger brother over him) and this and that, including his curl and what it did.

Eventually she told him about her being a vampire – which had come as a shock to him of course – but she never once bit him, or told him about her past or their singing sessions she went through with him every night, which he always forgot about.


While everything was going smoothly for you and Romano, Feliciano and Antonio had started to become really worried. They hadn't seen Romano for weeks and first they had hoped he would come home on his own, but when he didn't they had of course started searching for him immediately, but had come up empty. Now after a few weeks they had recruited more people to the search, even the creepy Russo siblings, but none of their allies had come up with anything. It was like he had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Fratello! Where are-a you?!” Feliciano cried.
“I don't know, Feli.” Antonio sighed.
“Don't worry, Feli. We'll find him eventually.” Bella tried to reassure him, but Feliciano continued to cry. Tim just placed a reassuring hand on Feliciano's shoulder.


That night Feliciano snuck out of the house, to try once again to find his brother, without notifying the others. He searched high and low, here and there, left and right, but no matter where he looked he couldn't find him.

After a few hours he slumped down outside the same forest where his brother had disappeared – but he didn't know that – and sighed deeply and sadly. That's when he heard a song – your song.


You had just finished singing for Romano and put him to bed after your small conversation, when you felt a certain, sudden burning sensation in your throat. You knew immediately what it was of course, and started counting how long it had been since you had last 'eaten' anything. You came to the conclusion that it had been over a whole week, and you needed to feed. Now.

Your throat was cramping and burning, and you felt your fangs grow slightly in size, but you tried to keep it down so you wouldn't go berserk. Just then your nose picked up the scent of a human just outside of the same forest where you had laid eyes on Romano.

You licked your lips, and after you checked Romano was indeed in deep sleep, you whirled out of your castle to find the young man who had wondered so far away from the civilization.

When you arrived you found a crying man that looked very similar to your beloved Romano, but his entire complexion was lighter. His skin was fair, while Romano had a soft and lovely tan, and his hair was a chestnut color, while Romano's was closer to chocolate, and his eyes were closed, instead of being open like Romano's.

There was also another difference about him. His stuck-out curl was to his left, in contrast to Romano's, which was to right.

You absently came to the conclusion that this must be Romano's younger brother Feliciano Vargas, that he thought everyone thought so highly of, but at the moment you really didn't care. You really needed to feed, and this man was just begging to be your donor.

You opened your mouth and began to sing again. This time to lure in your bait instead of attracting it.

Come to me Children
And follow my way
Into the World
Of Darkness and Magic
With all my Power
I'll show you the way
To all your Dreams
Hopes And Illusions

Once again you saw the body stiffen, the sobbing stopped, and then relax. The man's shoulder slumped and his hands fell to his side. He seemed to be completely under your spell. You took the opportunity to sing once again.

Come to me Children
And follow my way
Into the World
Of Darkness and Magic
With all my Power
I'll show you the way
To all your Dreams
Hopes And Illusions

The man started walking slowly towards you, with hazy and fogged over eyes – they were slightly open, but you still couldn't make out the exact color of his eyes – that still burned with adoration. His mouth hung slightly ajar as he walked. That was a sure sign he was completely subservient to whatever you wanted.

'Good.' you thought.

He was now in your arms, and you decided that you would keep him too, but not in the way you kept Romano. No, you would keep him as a 'voluntary' donor. Since you knew how to control yourself and there was no risk of him dying, you saw nothing wrong with keeping him like that. He would actually enjoy it too. He would be well taken care of and he would give you what you needed, food way. You saw it as a fair deal, and Romano would surely agree you were certain.

You tilted his head towards you, since his head down against your shoulder, and looked him gently in the eyes. “May I inquire of the honor knowing of your name, young boy?” you gently repeated the same question you asked Romano.
“My-a name is... Feliciano Vargas...” he said, his voice full of hexed affection.
“Now, may I inquire of the reason you are here?” you asked in the same gentle tone.
“I-a came looking for-a mio fratello...”
“Do you wish for me to bring you to your fratello, Feliciano?”
He nodded slowly, the same hexed way Romano had when you whisked him away.
“Then I shall bring you to him.” you said with a sweet smile. “I only wish for one humble benignity in return.”

He cocked his in slight confusion. “Let me have a taste of you.” you said before you bit down on his neck – he let out a slight moan of pain – and whisked him off to your castle.
Here's the second chapter of my Enchantress!Vampire!Reader series~~ ^^

I hope you guys like it ^^

Feedback is always appreciated XD
no likey, no commento.

And for those who don't know who the characters are:
Romano - South Italy
Feliciano - North Italy
Antonio - Spain
Bella - Belgium
Tim - Netherlands
The Russo siblings - Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

Mini translation:
warrant - guarantee, promise
benignity - favor

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

*EDIT*: I made some adjustment to my descriptions in the story to make them lengthier and more filled out, to this story seem less shallow as I felt it was before.


I don't own Hetalia, it belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
I don't own the picture, I found it on
I don't own the song, it belongs to DHT and is called Magic Melody
I don't own you
However I do own the story
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