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February 14, 2013
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It was Valentine's Day and you had just arrived at your boyfriend Romano's house to spend the day together. At the moment you two were sitting in his couch. Well, he was sitting in the couch, you were sitting on his lap, snuggling up to him.

“Hey, [Name]?” Romano suddenly asked.
“Hm?” you hummed in response.
“Is there-a anything you would-a like for Valentine's?”

You put your finger to your chin and pretended to think.

“Hm... Not really, except spending the day with my boyfriend~” you cooed contently.
“That can-a easily be arranged, amore~” Romano purred in your ear making you shiver slightly.

Then you thought of something you really wanted. You wanted Romano to sing with you. You just loved his voice when he sang. Especially when he sang his “The Delicious Tomato Song”.

You let out a small chuckle at that thought. But then you remembered how long it had been since you had heard him sing last, since he didn't like to do it very often. You were lucky if you could catch him those times he sang when he didn't think anyone was around.

You wanted to hear it again, so you turned your gaze up and locked eyes with your boyfriend.

“Actually, there's one thing I would like, Romano.”
“And what would-a that be, amore~?” Oh, how you loved it when he spoke Italian.
You grinned mischievously. “Sing with me~” you said.

He raised an eyebrow and looked at you incredulously. “What?”
“Sing with me~” you repeated.
He turned red. “No way!”
“But Roma~~” you whined.
“No!” he persisted.
“Please~~!” you pleaded.
“Oh, come on, Roma~~! Per favore~~” You had picked up some Italian from Romano after having known him for years and years.
“But you're the one who asked if I wanted anything for Valentine's!”
“Urgh, fine.” he finally gave in.

You cheered and gave him a haste kiss before you bounced off his lap. “Grazie, Roma~!” you cheered happily.
“Yeah, whatever...” he grunted. “So, what do you-a want to sing-a?”
“The Delicious Tomato Song!” you sang happily.
He blushed furiously, and was about to protest when you cut him off.

“No use to protest, Roma~ You already agreed to do it!”
He sighed. “Yeah, I know...”
“So, let's go!” you said and started dragging him to his room where he had his computer. There you plopped down in front of it and went on YouTube in search for his song.

“[Name], do we-a really have to do-a this?” Romano groaned.
, now shut up and sing with me!” you said in a demanding tone as you lightly let out a slight Belarus aura.
Romano gulped. “S-sě...” he said.

You found the song but before you pressed 'play' you turned around to face Romano.
“Also, one more thing. You can't stop singing until the song's over, no matter what.”
“Whatever...” he grunted.
“Now let's get started!” you exclaimed and pressed play on the song.

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Aka agete midori sagete toma- toma- tomato

At that part you sang “chu” instead of “hn” like Romano did, and right after you did you gave him sweet kiss on the lips. His face turned into a lovely tomato red and he looked like he was about to explode, but then he remembered what you said before you started the song, and held it in.

Pasta ni wa tomato daro
Pizza ni mo tomato daro
Miwaku no akai tesoro tomato daisuki

Wurst ya jagai mo nanka jadou da
Otouto mo tabedashite muki- muki- muki- mu
Napolitan wa nihon ryouri nanda kono yaro!

Kimi ni mo hitotsu ageru kireina no wo hitotsu ageru
Oishii tomato tabete boku to odorou

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Chi vediamo a Romano
Minami Itaria

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Aka sagete midori agete toma- toma- tomato

You kissed him on the lips again, and watched as his face exploded in red once again, but more like scarlet this time. You giggled before you continued singing.

Supein ga motte kita Amerika kara motte kita
Taiyou no kuni no tesoro tomato daisuki

Ai wa katarebai itte mon janai zo
Wain katate ni itsumo gira- gira- gira- gi
Sakki kawaii ko ni mushi sareta zo kono yaro!

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Chichukai mo o sore mio
Minami Itaria

Kaji wa anmari kyou janai kedo
Otouto no ga e ya boueki tokui dakeredo
Tama ni tori ni made baka ni sareru kedo

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono uu! Tomato!

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!


Kimi ni mo hitotsu ageru kireina no wo hitotsu ageru
Oishii tomato tabete boku to odorou

Buono! Tomato buono! Tomato
Buono buono oo! Tomato!
Chi vediamo a Romano
Minami Itaria

The song finished and the minute it ended Romano exploded.

“What-a the hell was-a that for, [Name]?!” he shouted.
You just laughed. “What's wrong with kissing my boyfriend, Romano?”
“I-a... I-a... You-a... Ah! Never mind! But-a why?!”
“Because I wanted to give mio pomodorino a little something for Valentine's~” you chirped. “Also, I wanted to hear you sing~ I like it when you sing~” you said with a big smile.

Romano turned even redder and is curl spazzed like crazy, like it always did when he became flustered and embarrassed. “I-a... You like-a my singing?”
“That's what I just said or weren't you listening?” you teased.
He just huffed and looked away from you.
“Aw, come on, Roma~ Don't be like that~” you said and slowly ran your finger along his oh-so-forbidden curl. You saw him bite his lip and squeeze his eyes shut when he felt you finger gently running across it.

“Not here-a... amore...” he managed to say.
“What do you mean 'not here', Romano? We are in your room, you know.” You repeated your action.
A-a-amore...~!” he moaned out.
You stopped playing with his curl. “You're right, Roma. Not now.”
“Fucking tease...” he grumbled.
“Yeah, you're right. But I'm your fucking tease~” you said.
“I like-a the sound of that, mio amore bella~” he purred before bringing you back to his living room to cuddle in front of the TV and some movies for the rest of the day.

Now, this kind of Valentine's you could get used to~~ Hopefully it could be like this every year~~
Okay, this is my first fluff, so have mercy on me, per favore! >_<
Well, I thought I might as well write something for Valentine's too and this popped up~ XD
(ofc it's with my precious Roma~~ XD)

Hope you guys enjoyed my little Valentine's Special and Happy Valentine's Day, Buon San Valentino~~ ^^

Translations: Italian
:iconsherryveramuto::iconsaysplz: Take care of the translations, per favore, Roma~
:iconromanoplz::iconsaysplz: Don't call-a me Roma dammit!
:iconbastardoplz::iconsaysplz: Ugh fine!!
:iconwtfromano2plz::iconsaysplz: Amore - Love/Darling, Per favore - Please, - (oh, come on) Yes, No - (come on) No, Grazie - Thank you, Mio pomodorino - My little tomato, mio amore bella - My beautiful love/darling

*EDIT* [link] Here's a little something for all of those who's faved my work~~ ^^


I don't own Romano, he belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

I don't own the song, it belongs to its rightful owner

I don't own the picture, I found it on

I don't own you

But I do own the story
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